Welcome to the Detecting False Shepherds site. Before you ask why there is a need for this, lets look at the words of Jesus in Matthew 18:6,  "But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea."

Unfortunately there is a history of abuse in the Sabbath community from false shepherds who pose as ministers, but do not meet the Biblical standard of a pastor. They seek to exalt themselves at the expense of God's sheep. When this happens, people become discouraged and sometimes blame God because they are hurt. We hope that by exposing the false shepherds, they will not have innocent people to abuse.

This site is dedicated to the little ones who have been hurt by abusive, deceptive tactics that are used by a few individuals who hold themselves out as a servant, but feed themselves and not the flock. Ezekiel 34:10, "Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I am against the shepherds; and I will require my flock at their hand, and cause them to cease from feeding the flock; neither shall the shepherds feed themselves any more; for I will deliver my flock from their mouth, that they may not be meat for them."

We will only put factual information on this site. We are not interested in rumors and slander, only facts that can be proven. Below are the ministers we have sufficient facts to list:

David J. Smith

Norm Edwards  Port Austin, MI

Joey Thompson  Flintstone, GA

Todd Derstine



Do you know how to test a minister to see if that “man of the cloth” measures up to the standards set forth in the Bible? Have you ever been in an organization that had rules and regulations that stifled questions and directed the quest for truth, giving in return control and doctrines that financially prospered those at the top?

Are you currently under someone’s teaching or control where they say the right words but exhibit behavior outside the biblical standards they teach? Do they use visions or dreams for proof that what they do is God’s will? Would you consider them to be hypocrites? Do they remind you frequently of just how smart they were in school? Maybe they were first in their class and won't let you forget that.

Many warnings are found in the scriptures that help us recognize false shepherds. These people may display any of the following; Intolerance to rebuke, Denial to wrongdoing, Absolute control over money without accountability, Excuses for their sins, Calling out and getting rid of any and all who uncover their “DIRT”, They lie so much they believe it and it sounds good, When prophesying incorrectly, they always have a reason why it didn’t happen then and give new dates. They might get married while being married to someone else. Have you ever had to deal with any of these symptoms in that individual you were or are following?

New believers are constantly being sought to replace those who found out about the deception, to bolster sagging finances rather than a natural growth from a growing congregation excited about the gospel. Many times this growth surrounds conspiracy and messages that are against the government.

Each feast and holy day promote that person’s popularity and these times of “appearing before God” result in lucrative cash flows into someone’s bank account. Do they “love” you for your money? Do they always have a need?

Do these things bother you? Have you been asked to leave because it did?

It Should Bother All Of Us!

God Says They Will Come!

They’re Here!

  This website is here to serve you. The rules for articles are simple.

1.     Only factual statements about people without slanderous comments or hearsay gossip. Any evidence that one may have should support the article. What is submitted should be something that a court would hear.

2.     Testimonies should have a witness if one exists.

3.     Any legal documentation that may be available should be included.

4.     Anything that the false shepherd may have written or said, that condemns their actions, should be noted, quoted from, or included.

5.     Anyone who can verify a specific incident should be invited to submit his or her accounts of what happened. Try to confirm intentional deception, manipulative control, biblical hypocrisy, or immorality.

6.     Anything submitted should be able to verify accuracy. Maintain virtue.

7.     The integrity of truth for truth’s sake must be upheld to the best of everyone’s ability as we are instructed to do justice justly. We acknowledge that the battle to expose false shepherds will encounter the attacks of those whose firm belief in that individual will color truth as they see it and will color that truth as a vicious attack on their perfect hero. The Bible assures that false shepherds will have their flocks of blind sheep that will refuse to see being too close or deceived or family with little or no choice.

8.     Keep It Simple!

9.     Stay on point.

10. Focus on the sin.

11. Develop a case that proves a deliberate intent behind the actions.

12. We will do our best to protect that person who has been caught in a sin, but is repentant and seeking forgiveness along biblical standards for having sinned from being identified with the true false shepherd who is only sorry for being caught and losing their source of income.

13. We do not intend on becoming a tabloid or gossip page. We apologize if that should occur and will say so publicly.

 The final purpose is to help all who want truth to be informed on facts. We are to follow God rather than man.

 What does God call False Shepherds

 Would you be upset if someone called you a name? There are many verses in the Bible where God does just that referring to individuals who should know better for their actions and yet choose the broad path to destruction than to walk the straight and narrow path of righteousness. We are to learn character flaws of these people through these verses. In alphabetical order of names they are:

1. Beasts of the field and forest,   Isa.56:9-11

2. Briars and Thorns   Ez.2:6, Isa.9:13-18, Mic.7:1-4

3. Clouds without water  Jude 12

4. Dogs  Isa.56:10

5. Goats  Zech.10:3

6. Idols  Zech.10:2-3

7. Merchants (Canaanite Stong’s#3669) 2Pet.2:1-3, Zech.14:21

8. Raging Waves  Jude 13

9. Scorpions  Ez.2:6, Is.9:15-18

10. Trees without fruit  Jude 12,  Matt.7:17-20

11. Wandering Stars  Jude 13

12. Watchmen that are blind and ignorant  Is.56:10

13. Wolves  Ez.22:26-28, Zeph.3:1-4, Matt.7:15, Acts 20:29-30

14. Young Lions  Zech.11:3-5

If you wanted to be known as a lamb or sheep of the good shepherd and you would hear his voice and obey his voice, which of the above list would you avoid?

This site wants to display “fruits” of those individuals who are good at hiding who they really are. “by their fruits you shall know them” Mt.7:16

We need to study so as to rightly divide the word of truth and to be able to follow our true shepherd. We cannot make good decisions about people if their past actions are not known to us where these signs of false shepherds are exposed.

  More Qualifications

1.     Deut.18:22 If a proclamation is made in the name of the LORD does not come true you have a False Prophet!

2.     Titus1:11 They do what they do for the sake of dishonest gain. They love money and you have a False Shepherd!

3.     2 Jn.1:9 They love the spotlight and crave the attention inserting their name for recognition at every opportunity and being in control of a ministry above accountability. They will isolate their flock away from others who know the truth and will watch every move they make, escorting them back to their side of the street, so to speak! You have a False Shepherd!

4.     1Tim.6:4 They divert attention away from the main issues surrounding their sin by stirring up evil suspicions against those who would expose them. The motive is to keep the money flowing into  their ministry. BINGO! You have another False Shepherd!

5.     Rev.2:2 They have no problem with telling lies of all sizes saying over and over that they are Christians and even signing documents  Mr. So and So (a Christian Man) and are not! LIARS! Just another False Shepherd.

6.     2Cor.11:14 They dress up fine, smell good, smile a lot, masquerading as a servant of righteousness. Their end will be what they deserve!

We have 1 Tim 3 and Titus1 to find what a good shepherd is like and future articles will expound those and other verses.
We thank James R. Steinle for his writings on false shepherds and its impact on this article!

1Thes.5:21 “prove all things, hold fast to that which is good”