Norman Scott Edwards of Port Austin, MI has a newsletter, Servants News that is sent to people in the Sabbath community. He is listed on this site because of the actions he took to gain control of what is currently the Port Austin Bible Campus in Port Austin, MI from three other trustees, Paul Drieman, Phil Frankford and Terry Williams.

Below are documents showing how Norman Scott Edwards gained control of the ministry, property and Sacred Purpose Trust without the approval and knowledge of the other three trustees:

  1. While the Sacred Purpose Trust was being prepared that was to include all four people, the following documents were prepared on April 5, 2004 so the Church and  Community could operate. Note that all four members are listed.
  2. On April 7, 2004 Norman Scott Edwards emailed Peter Kershaw a letter listing four trustees. And a April 12, 2004 6-page letter he posted to occupants living on the former Air Base.
  3. This is the Assignment of Land Contracts and Purchase Agreement, filed on April 28, 2004, signed by four trustees, known as Liber 1048 (page 223, page 224, page 225, page 226).
  4. Amendment to Liber 1048, dated May 25, 2004, executed on May 25th, signed by Paul Drieman for PASCC.
  5. Amendment to Liber 1048, dated May 24, 2004, executed on June 24th, signed by Norman Scott Edwards for PASCC.
  6. Warranty Deed for Property 1, described in Liber 1048, dated August 30, 2004, recorded on October 18, 2004 (page 1 and page 2).
  7. Revised Assignment of Land Contracts and Purchase Agreement, filed on September 17, 2004, signed by only Norman Scott Edwards, known as Liber 1073 (page 62, page 63, page 64, page 65).
  8. This is the Trust instrument, signed by only Norman Scott Edwards with Norman Scott Edwards as sole trustee (page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4, page 5, page 6). The existence of this trust instrument and of the refiled land contract was not disclosed to the other three trustees until October 29, 2004.
  9. Example of Norman Scott Edwards acting as sole trustee prior to him disclosing that he was sole trustee: letter to water users dated December 22, 2004. Note Point 6 under "Authority" section. The other three trustees knew nothing of this assignment of collection power until after a water bill was sent to trustee Philip Frankford.
  10. Dissolution of PASCC ministry and disfellowship of Norman Scott Edwards by the majority of original trustees, dated October 31, 2004, recorded November 30, 2004 (page 1 and page 2).
  11. Edwards acknowledges the three trustees' authority to dissolve the ministry in paragraph 5, lines 3, 4, & 5 of Edwards' letter dated January 25, 2005.
  12. Edwards acknowledges the four men were of equal authority when the four joined together to establish the trust agreement: note Point 13, of the Summary of Events at Port Austin, dated December 20, 2004, and published by Edwards on the Internet originally at
  13. Refiled Warranty Deed for Property 1, described in Liber 1048. Liber 1080, page 418 and page 419.

What we have is a situation where four men started a ministry and signed a real estate contract as equals and a Warranty Deed was conveyed to them. Norman Scott Edwards took sole possession of both contrary to the interests of the other three men. 

Edwards then used his authority as sole trustee to evict Frankford from his residence on trustee property (Dorm #2), and to require of Drieman a day-by day accounting of Drieman's actions for the fifty (50) days prior to the Dissolution Agreement to avoid eviction from Dorm #1. He used his authority as sole trustee to sign an agreement with a coop of which he is the Secretary/Treasurer. And on or about January 4, 2004, he used his authority to move his family and one student (Anna Delong) into the residence of Terry Williams and change the locks of Williams' doors. In March of 2006 Edwards filed a legal action against Terry Williams to evict him from his residence on the property.


Also included below are Norman Scott Edwards claim of the events listed and Paul Drieman's response to it:

Norm's summary of his actions

Paul Drieman's answer to the summary

Terry Williams speaks out