Joey Thompson from Flintstone, GA has embraced the false doctrine of the "Lunar Sabbath" and is trying to cause others to accept this error. For each individual he deceives, they will then become Sabbath breakers violating the 4th Commandment.

We feel it is best to let his own words of a March 2006 email he sent to a group of Sabbath observant people condemn his actions.


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> Hey Donald,
> You speak of Sunday keepers as being pagan,
> worshiping a false god
> (the Sun God) on a pagan day and all the pagan
> holidays, like Christmas
> and Easter and so on, but have you ever thought that
> maybe Saturday
> keepers are worshipping a false god as well (the
> false god of Saturn)
> on a pagan day (saturn's day) and that when we
> compare the two false
> gods (the sun god and saturn) Saturn far exceeds the
> wickedness of the sun god.
> Do you think maybe you have been deceived in this
> like you were on sunday?
> Joey